About us

JinShan Electronic Co., Ltd is established in2008by the specialized retail merchant to provide customers with the high quality products. Our products contain the transfer cards, the wireless network cards and the standardized plugs for testing. Along with the ever-changing development of electronic and the semiconductor industry, JinShan also evolves with the time and trend. Starting in 2012, we provide customized products to meet the unique needs of our customers in the process of testing. Meanwhile, we self-developed and designed many products such as the IC plugs, Change Kits, the insulated chambers, the shielding boxes, the high frequency transmission lines, the high frequency test connectors and RF related products. In 2014, we launched on the “Global Customer Service Project” with our partner corporations to offer the PCB design, Layout and the electronic products small-scaled trial production, and the mass production service. Embracing the “high quality product and the integrity serves” as our central idea, JinShan continues to keep up with the time and trend, and will provide our customers with the best products and the service.

Our central idea is to provide customers with values.
specialty, quality, and reliableare the guiding principles that we observe. The enterprise and the perseverance are what we have been doing. Reaching zero-flaw in our products, conforming to the customers’ needs, improving methods, pursuing efficiency, and creating competitiveness: all of these are making us grow. Most importantly, we always hold on to the idea that “customers first” and with our utmost sincerity and professionalism to provide our customers with the best quality as well as the best competitiveness in their business.